Drug Policy

Generic drugs are pharmaceutical preparations that contain the same active ingredients at the same concentration as well as the more prominent drugs on which they are based (the so-called “originating medicines”). Generic drugs from originator drugs vary most often in the composition of binding ingredients and colors, which do not have therapeutic effects and are distinguished by their name.

Therapeutic efficacy of generic drugs is equivalent to the originator and must be proven by rigorous bioequivalence studies. What would mean when scientifically comparing the generic drug and the originator drug show the same rate and degree of the biological relevance of the active substance in the body if given at the same dose. Simply put, the generic medicine and the original product must be equally effective.

The moment when patent rights expire on an originating medicine and when a generic product appears to be bioequivalent to it, then it is only rational to use generic drugs because, for a lot of money, one can buy the identical product in both the therapeutic and the security sense. Generic drugs have more affordable prices because they do not require initial basic and clinical research, which reduces investment. Generic drugs have wide application in worldwide  in all treatment programs and are increasingly copied by doctors because they are cheaper 20-90% of originators. The use of generic drugs reduces the costs of each health care system, and exempted funds are used for originating medicines.


All companies manufacturing generic drugs use ingredients for their products in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) rules. In a word, generic drugs are subject to the same strict quality, safety and efficacy standards as originating pharmaceutical products.


A high profit from the use of generic drugs has a society providing patients with quality, safe and effective drugs.

Estimated savings each year in worldwide, provide assistance to the health care system and increases the budget that can be directed to the necessary expensive medical treatments and patient services.

Creating a positive competition between generic and originating drugs leads to the creation of a powerful market and the stimulation of innovation in the pharmaceutical market.

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