Privacy Policy

We have a well-defined privacy policy on our website. We can ask all our customers who are purchasing various medicines to come and have a look at the Privacy Policy page on our website before making the order.

We ask you to make sure that you know of all the terms and conditions when you are buying medicines from our online portal so that all your doubts and confusions are clear.

As we are an online website involved in the selling of medicines you have to agree to some of the conditions before making your order. Just take a look at them for your reference. 

Collecting information from the customers

You have to agree to share some of your information when you are ordering medicines online at Good rx ed. You need to share your details such as your name, phone number, email id, and address.

We prioritize the privacy of our customers. We ensure all your details are taken just for various needs like sending OTP for confirmation, sending the voucher, or e-receipt of your bill and address for the delivery of your medicines at your doorstep.

Other than this we do not share your information with any third-party entity. We are not engaged in the selling of personal information.

Ordering your medicines

While ordering your medicines you need to be sure of the composition and the dosage of the medicines. We do not prescribe medicines to anyone. We do not have any liability in case you suffer fro side effects after using medicines.

Making payment electronically

We accept payment in electronic form only. We have a lot of payment options available for the customers. Payment by physical delivery of cash or demand draft is not accepted. However, we do accept cash on delivery.

Our customers can use the option in case they don’t want to pay us electronically and complete the payment once they receive their package from our delivery executive.

Our online options for payment include credit cards, debit cards, net baking, and even money wallets. Domestic clients can use platforms like Paytm and international clients can pay using PayPal.

Refund of medicines online

We offer a refund facility to our customers. In case you have ordered a wrong brand of medicine or the wrong dosage you can inform us about the same. The refund orders need to be initiated at the customer end.

Refund orders are entertained within 7 days of receiving the package at the customer end. Any information beyond that asking for a refund will not be entertained.

The refund is only made electronically. In this case, we will ask you to provide either your bank account number or your mobile number linked to a mobile wallet.

Use of cookies on our website

We do use cookies on our website to provide some detailed information such as the latest offers, daily deals, exciting offers, latest arrivals, etc. 

Make sure that you agree to our cookie policy. Also to view the cookies you need to enable the cookies from unknown sources in your device to be able to view the cookies.

Using product reviews

We encourage our customers to give a review. We do not influence customers or force them in any way to compulsorily provide the reviews.

We also do not encourage a prospective customer to buy medicines based on reviews. Medicines should be bought only after a doctor’s consultation.

Checking if you are eligible

We have a general guideline that you need to be of at least eighteen years of age to make orders from our online portal. We do not bear any liability from the end of the customer in this regard. 

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